Completing the missing pages in the Book of Life

It’s a privilege to enable people to have closure and emotional and spiritual wholeness.

Hi, I’m Janna Helshtein, a mother, sister, daughter, niece and granddaughter, with a passion to remember and preserve family history.   Following years in genealogy and genetic genealogy, founding “DNA at Eye Level ” is my dream come true. I believe that everything should be at Eye Level; learning, guidance, research, and support.

My journey began as a personal quest, and today, I help other people find their roots. I’m here to help you answer the question- “Who and Where do I come from?” – that is my mission. This question, holds within it serious issues of belonging, identity and a sense of self.

I engage in public speaking nationally and internationally. I am grateful for any opportunity to share knowledge and stories and connect people to the wonders of genealogy and DNA.

The world of DNA is constantly evolving, so I make sure I stay updated and remain a life-time student. Constant learning from peers and clients is the way to keep developing, providing you with the necessary knowledge for the intricate journey of DNA testing.

Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or requests.

I’m here for you.  

Speaker Services

People, DNA
and in between

Your door
to the world of DNA

Why do people test? What intriguing discoveries can be made? Should there always be a trigger? Once you decide to test, which company should you choose? How do you take a DNA test? What can you see in the results? What is important to know before DNA testing?

Whether you are a seasoned genealogist or just curious about your roots and the world of DNA in general, this talk promises to ignite your curiosity and open the door to the world of DNA.

Book now and enter the fascinating and mesmerizing world of DNA.

*you can book this lecture on ZOOM

the test tube

Beyond the biology
of DNA testing

Discover the unknown world of DNA research, a complex web of ethical and moral dilemmas, more complex and delicate than you would expect. Are you ready to deal with other people’s secrets?

In an era of accessible DNA testing, uncovering unexpected truths has become more common than ever. What happens when you find answers to questions you never asked? Can you keep someone else’s secret? Should you? What do you do with the information you uncovered? How can it affect you and other people close to you?
Moral and ethical dilemmas, insights and perspectives that will leave you pondering long after the lecture is over.

Book now, to hear about real cases and the dilemmas they present.

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Searching for Roots
diary of a journey

One man's journey for closure

Dive into the extraordinary story of ” Searching for Roots – Travel diary “, where a sequence of unexpected events is set in motion by the discovery of a single document. Follow the fascinating story of a 16-year-old boy whose life takes an unexpected turn.

This captivating story weaves loss, hope, secrets, dreams and love into a quest that will leave you breathless. Discover how an amazing and unusual reunion takes place after 69 years.

“Searching for roots” is more than a talk; It’s an emotional roller coaster that leaves no one indifferent. Prepare to be thrilled as you accompany this brave soul on a journey in which reality surpasses all imagination and the power of the human spirit wins against all odds.

Book now and let “Searching for roots” touch your heart and ignite your curiosity!

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The mystery - Father: unknown

How would you live with missing pieces in your identity? And how far would you be willing to go to uncover hidden truths? Enter the fascinating story of “Secrets, Family, DNA”, an electrifying, heartwarming journey that crosses time and continents.

Experience a true adventure of courage and curiosity where a mystery of unknown roots is revealed in a journey like no other.

A story that begins with a young woman somewhere in Israel, and a baby that is handed over to face an unknown future.

This talk will keep you on the edge of your seat, and allow you to be part of a journey to solve a mystery that spans over cultures and religions.

Book now to be captivated by “Secrets, family, DNA” and witness the power of human resilience in pursuit of a lost heritage.

*you can book this lecture on ZOOM

Ask and you shall receive. You took a DNA test and have no idea how to analyze the results. Maybe you have questions before you test, or you are just curious about the world of DNA. This session is the place where you get answers.

Meeting on Zoom, at your convenience, I will take you through the labyrinth of the DNA world, and give you tips and possible action items.

This is your private time with me, where every question is legitimate and the conversation is about what interests YOU.


Hand in hand in search of the desired truth. I will help you focus your research question, establish your best course of action and set a plan.

Every journey is unique, comprised of different circumstances, questions and willingness for emotional investment.
I’m here to offer you a personally customized toolbox that is right for you.

You don’t have to go through this alone. Step by step, we will venture into your personal quest together.

Personal Journey

What people say

A fascinating, moving and thought-provoking talk. Down the DNA path for exploring our inner self. Thank you for the opening a window to a very intriguing field.

Tamar Bitov-Reflexology and Reiki

DNA outside the test tube

One of the most amazing, dedicated and professional women I know. A subject as sensitive as DNA is handled with such sensitivity. #1 person for tracing relatives BY FAR

People, DNA & in between

A very informative and focused talk.
As a seasoned genealogist, I really enjoyed all the information you presented in your talk.

Tova Zonshein-graphic design

People, DNA & in between

I have eagerly listened to Janna’s talk for the third time, and I’m amazed every time.
I can’t wait for her next lecture. I want to say a big thank you.

Pesia Shtienberger

People, DNA & in between

The best talk I have seen and heard in the last year. The stories, the theatrical presentation, fascinated everyone. We didn’t want it to end. Looking forward to your next talks.

Sarit Livne-Ashkenazi- Words are the whole story

DNA outside the test tube

Excellent talk.
Janna manages to create interesting stories full of tension and excitement. Each lecture is a gem not to be missed!

Haim Shilo-Social Companion

DNA outside the test tube

We hosted Janna for a fascinating talk at the Ron-Lee Retirees’ Club. She took us on an amazing journey. This talk is fascinating and chilling. Highly recommended.

Gila Biran (Chairman of Ron-Lee)

Searching for Roots – diary of a journey

A surprising, exciting and inspiring talk. The story is exciting as the manner of presentation. Tying up all the ends towards the end was done perfectly. You must hear this. Highly recommended.

Eli Zweig, Attorney and Notary

Searching for Roots – diary of a journey

Your talk at Beit HaLochem a was an exciting and fascinating experience. You are a great storyteller destined to be an actress. A wonderful, fluid, suspenseful and very interesting talk.

Varda Necht- Beit HaLochem cultural coordinator

Searching for Roots – diary of a journey

A story full of constant suspense. The flow of events keeps the listener alert to what will happen next. It sounds like a quality detective story. I enjoyed every moment. Highly recommended!!!

Haim Shilo-Social Companion


Your talk, like previous I have heard, is another precious pearl in a chain of pearls.
Your talk is an enriching experience. I will continue listening to you on any stage.

Naomi Elad


This talk is a magical journey into the past. Genealogy & DNA have never been so fascinating. You skillfully took us on a world-wide adventure, a detective story that left us breathless. You captivated us. Highly recommended!

Ronen Ginat-Furniture projects



נגן וידאו

Q & A

Prices range between 79-129$ (shipping not included). There are occasional discounts during special days such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday in November, DNA DAY in April, and National Holidays.
yDNA and mtDNA tests are available at FTDNA. These tests are more expensive. It is recommended to check current prices at the time of purchase.

DNA testing changes the whole game in genealogical research. Examining certain markers in our DNA can help us trace the origins of our ancestors, revealing the migration routes of our ancestors and the areas they came from. Furthermore, DNA testing can identify and connect us with relatives living around the world, even distant cousins who share a common ancestor. In addition, DNA can be used to confirm relationships within a family tree, revealing potential unknown branches of our lineage.

The processing of DNA samples varies per company. From the moment the samples check in at the lab, it may take 4-8 weeks.







לפרטים והזמנות

לפרטים והזמנות

לפרטים והזמנות

לפרטים והזמנות